A pyramid for inner peace

Bhoomi pooja for new cottages

Bhoomi pooja for new cottages  

A MASSIVE pyramid, which can accommodate about 100 persons at a time, is likely to come up soon in Coimbatore. A. V. Ramaswamy, chairman, Vanaprastha Trust, said that structure would be put up by the Coimbatore Pyramid Spiritual Society.

From ancient times, pyramids were believed to have "mystic and healing powers'', and a large pyramid was sure to attract not only the senior citizens dwelling in the nearby Vanaprastha and Dhyanaprastha, but also people from various parts of Coimbatore and outlying areas. Inside the serene atmosphere of the pyramid, people would be able to meditate for as long as they wished, well away from the bustle and noise of urban centres.

This came as a welcome announcement for residents of Vanaprastha, a colony of senior citizens in Vadavalli, which celebrated its `Foundation Day' a few days ago, to mark three years of existence. A centralised kitchen serves the 43 independent cottages in Vanaprastha.

These houses are occupied by senior citizens who have held responsible positions during their working lives.

Ramaswamy said that the residents had created for themselves, "a new experience in community living''.

On the Foundation Day, new allottees joined in a `bhoomi pooja' for the construction of 44 additional cottages. This new complex, to be called Dhyanaprastha, would emphasise spirituality, meditation and reading of spiritual books. A full-fledged library and a health clinic would come up soon.

Brigadier Atmanathan, Commandant, Madras Regimental Centre (MRC), Wellington, who was one of the chief guests, called for "equanimity through spirituality''. Urging residents to adopt a "policy free from worries'', he observed, "remember that the past is history, the future is a mystery, and the present is what needs to be lived and enjoyed.''

Dr. Nalla G. Palaniswamy, Managing Director, KMCH, said that periodic health check ups would help to keep illness at bay, in accordance with the adage that prevention was better than cure.

By A. A.M.R.

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