A positive sign

CORPORATE EMPLOYEES taking the lead in civic matters is one positive sign of Bangalore's IT boom. Roads leading to their offices have, in fact, become talking points in events organised by the IT companies.

Employees at the Tarang Software Technologies based on Whitefield Road took a proactive step to make the Marathahalli-Airport Road a better one. At one of their interactive "Friday Talk'' sessions, Tarangites — as the employees call themselves — came out with suggestions to make the busy road more traffic-friendly.

They unanimously agreed to start wearing helmets, avoid using high-beam headlamps and stop sounding the horn unnecessarily while driving/riding. The company also decided to educate its employees to be safe and responsible drivers. They will soon be talking to the authorities to get the ITPL Road repaired and make it free of stray dogs.

By Rasheed Kappan

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