A plight unfolds on screen

THERE USED to be a time when World Cinema referred to movies that were screened to a select audience that met over weekends at some auditorium of very moderate capacity. That time is so long gone.

Thanks to the multiplex culture, there is now the opportunity for the general audience to see some acclaimed movies. At least, what seems to be an effort in that direction is the release of the highly acclaimed Iranian film, Baran, at Sathyam cineplex from November 14. The film by Iranian director, Majid Majidi, tells the story of Afghan refugees as seen through the eyes of an Iranian teenager, Lateef, played by Hossein Abedini.

Through poignant narration, the director has captured the troubled lives of Afghan refugees who work as construction workers in Iran and their abject poverty.

The real appeal for the Indian audience would be the strikingly similar conditions of work for construction workers here.

The movie is also in different languages including Persian and will play with English sub-titles. The similarity to some Hindi words would also interest the audience. But easily the biggest appeal of the movie is its simple story telling. There are also no big heroes on screen. What we get to see are simple characters in a story that explores two of the biggest necessities that most of us take for granted - food and shelter.

By Karthik Subramanian

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