A novel project

The idea of rainwater harvesting with the involvement of school students is slowly catching up in Ernakulam district. In the coming days, more and more schools are likely to get involved in the programme. The Department of Education has held discussions on the project with senior officials from various educational sub-districts.

"Construction of rainwater pits is one of the projects that would be undertaken in schools. The department will include the subject in the meeting of District Educational Officers and Assistant Educational Officers on Tuesday," says K. Kuttapan, Deputy Director of Education, Ernakulam district.

Students will be asked to take up construction of rainwater pits as a project. Teachers will also take part in the rainwater-harvesting project.

They will create awareness among students about the need to tap rainwater. The message `Water is precious' will be conveyed through lectures. Posters highlighting the need to conserve and store water will be put up on notice boards.

"By participating in such projects, students will realise that water is a natural resource that has to be conserved. The authorities should try to include concepts such as rainwater harvesting in the curriculum," says S. Sitaraman, environmentalist.

The Department of Education will hold discussions with local bodies for extending support for the rainwater-harvesting project. Mr. Kuttapan says that attempts will also be made to create awareness among students on saving water for future use. Schools will be encouraged to take up projects on reducing wastage of water.

G. Krishnakumar

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