A novel mix

SEEING A painting of a familiar area or spot can enhance one's appreciation of an art work. That's exactly what happens when a Kochiite enters the Durbar Hall Art Centre these days.

The ongoing exhibition of paintings by P.J. Seemon and R. Raju is sure to captivate an average art lover.

Nobody who has seen Kochi once or twice will fail to identify the watercolour landscapes of Mr. Seemon exhibited at the entrance hall. The artist had spent time at places like Mattancherry, Marine Drive, Fort Kochi, Chellanam, etc., and made on-the-spot sketches of the all-too-familiar landscapes.

Further inside, there are computer graphics with striking originality, all done by Mr. Raju, an instrumentation engineer with FACT.

Unlike the general trend, Mr. Raju says, the subjects were first created on computer and then special effects added to them.

The fountain pen sketches of landscapes done by Mr. Seemon are hung on the walls with a nostalgic charm. But the real attraction of the four-day exhibition lies in the 14 murals done by Mr. Raju.

In fact, this is the first exhibition in recent memory where murals, computer graphics, landscapes and sketches are arrayed together.

A novel mix

Both the artists had their training in mural painting from the noted mural expert, Raghava Warrier.

And their first individual exhibition is sure to be a hit, given their selection and treatment of subjects.

And there's nothing abstract about their paintings.

By Abdul Latheef Naha

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