A new concept in curriculum

Adaptive curriculum, a new concept, seeks to make learning a pleasure for children. Under this, the practice of loading children with ideas and textbooks is done away with.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya at Manacaud in Thiruvananthapuram is launching the adaptive pre-school curriculum for its students on Wedneday. As many as 112 skills have been identified and developed through activities, stories, songs, nature walk and so on, which the children are expected to relish.

The teachers themselves have prepared the curriculum and each story or song is redrafted to develop pre-assigned skills and eventually make the learning process much more attractive and acceptable. The method integrates the physical growth and emotional balance of children with intellectual capability.

Swami Satyananada Saraswathi of the Chinmaya Mission, Thiruvananthapuram, will be launching the programme. K.K. Nair, chief sewak of the mission, will preside over the function.

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