A new Bible translation

The Bible continues to attract people with varied interests. The recent publication of a new edition of the Bible in Malayalam is a noteworthy event in the history of the publication of this holy book in Kerala, according to some.

Called `Premier Study Bible', it is a take-off from the old `Sathya Veda Pusthakam', and has been brought out by P. P. George of Angamali.

Besides the old text, the new edition contains appropriate descriptions of the context in which various Biblical happenings took place. Varghese Angamaly, a writer with a background of Christian studies, says that the translation is in keeping with "strict'' ecumenical requirements. Simple language understandable to the ordinary people has been used. Tamil and Sanskrit words are out, he adds.

According to Mr. Varghese, the first Malayalam Bible was printed in 1811 by Claudius Bukanan, chaplain of the East India Company. He visited Kerala in 1806 and after consultations with Christian leaders went ahead with the translation and printing of the Bible in Malayalam. Later, the New Testament was translated in 1829 and the Old Testament in 1838. They were published in 1841 by Benjamin Bailey as the `Sathya Veda Pusthakam'.

By Martin K.A.

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