A little spice to the goodies

At the Sugar and Spice shop.  

LITTLE GIRLS were rumoured to be made of these before the days of the Net and Cable TV. Anyway, Sugar and Spice, the cake and confectionary shop at Taj Residency, has acquired some new equipment to make their baked goodies; the very best in town, those of the shop tell us. The shop now has a spanking new steamer/oven and proover/retarder from Sinmac, all bought at a cost of Rs. 8 lakh. They will make it easy to follow many innovative trends in baking, keeping in mind concerns about healthy eating while retaining the natural flavour of all things nice.

A master baker from Sinmac has assisted the Taj baker chefs with some new trends in baking. The chef has also a range of imported products to give a truly international spread of delicacies. For this season of cheer, Sugar and Spice has star-shaped plum puddings. For those averse to fruitcakes and all that goes into them, there are traditional feather-light sponge cakes in exotic flavours such as the strawberry torte and the egg-less lychee gateaux. Yule log to the French is what the rich fruitcake is to the British, and the chef believes it has a rightful place in international Christmas and New Year tables. The chef's special Yule log is rich and sinful, and any chocoholic's delight. Since this is also the season of giving, chocolates are on everyone's mind and Taj's chocolates are said to be legendary. Marzipan marble chocolates and soft chocolates are also available.

By Satyamurty K.