A harmonising occasion

Representing different regions.  

`UNITY IN diversity' might be an implied concept as far as Indians are concerned. But its special significance is understood well only on specific occasions.

Wresting an initiative to harmonise the society at any given opportunity is the Education Department, which, by organising cultural events to reinforce the concept, has been making its presence prominently felt.

As in the case of the Independence and the Republic Day celebrations, this department celebrated `Linguistic harmony' Day, as part of the `national integration week' celebrations, on the premises of the St. Mary's Boys' Higher Secondary School, recently.

The importance given by the authorities for the event could be understood from the fact that the Chief Educational Officer, T. Kanna Kalyanasundaram, as well as the three district educational officers of the educational districts of Madurai, Melur and Usilampatti — S. Chellam, V. Parthasarathy and R. Thirunavukkarasu respectively — graced the occasion in all enthusiastic vigour and waxed eloquently on the importance of the occasion.

Other dignitaries were the Superintendent of Police, Avi Prakash Sinha, the Head Master of the host institution, Fr. Francis, the Inspector of Matriculation Schools, S. Muthusamy, and the Deputy Director of the Department of Tamil Development, Pasumpon.

As expected, the function was replete with cultural programmes that made the thinking of oneness all pervasive. The crux of the oneness, as depicted by the students, was the strong attachment to `Mother India' holding aloft the national flag.

For the students, slipping into attires that represented the different linguistic regions of the country also meant broadening their perception of the country's cultural diversity.

By Krishnamoorthy R.