A handful of short plays

A scene from the play `Kamithakkal.'

A scene from the play `Kamithakkal.'  

CELEBRATIONS, KOCHI, a city-based theatre group, is coming out with a handful of short plays. The group, started by the brothers Vinodkumar and Manojkumar, has produced many prize-winning plays such as `Hijada' and `Mukkanchi' for school and college students.

This time, the group is putting together three short plays and a mime performance. "The plays (sketches actually) and mime deal with contemporary issues," says Vinodkumar.

Two of the sketches `Sadacharathinte Chaathan' and `Kamithakkal' are based on the works of well-known Hindi writer Harishankar Parsai, while the third one `Kakkakal' is based on a Malayalam short story. All these short plays are satires and deal with the prevailing social ills.

`Sadacharathinte Chaathan' tells the story of a `chaathan' being created by a priest to deal with the corruption in the system. `Kamithakkal' tells of two lovers who die without fulfilling their wish to unite in this life. Once in the Other World, they continue with their efforts to fulfil their eternal love, only to find that it too is not much different from the previous one.

`Kakkakal' is a satire on a man who constantly talks of and thinks of crows. He adores the crows and cannot stop talking about them. But, during the rituals after his father's death, no crow appears to eat the `pindam.' It is believed that the crows are the spirits of the departed people and an absence of the crows at the ritual is considered ominous.

The mime will also deal with corruption at various levels.

All the sketches will be of 10 to 20 minutes duration. About 25 artistes will appear on the stage, including the directors Vinodkumar and Manojkumar. The other actors include Ratheeshkumar, Shiju Raj, Abhilash, Gokul, Ranju, Milan, Smitha and Nila. The script is by Ratheeshkumar, set by Sasi Kattakambal, lights by Shijuraj and Neelambaran and music by Jathin Jathavedan.

The plays will be staged this Saturday at the Kerala Fine Arts Hall as part of the monthly programme of Bank Employees Arts Movement Ernakulam (BEAME).

By Renu Ramanath

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