A golden opportunity to splurge

Vani Ganapathy, brand ambassador for `Jewels of India'

Vani Ganapathy, brand ambassador for `Jewels of India'  

IT MUST be something about the festival air this month: every jeweller worth his or her salt has a sale or exhibition on, to lure people into some magnificent splurge sessions.

Ganjam Nagappa & Sons had "Infusion" on Friday at the Leela Palace, where Goa-based designer Wendell Rodericks interacted with some of the jewellers' valued customers. That event was very creatively described as a harmony of "fashion, style, glamour, beauty ...and you''.

After the Ganjam do, Nalinee Hegde had an exhibition titled "The Sun Collection" at No. 42, Dickenson Road. This event had a range of jewellery in "92.5 per cent pure sterling silver'' intricately laid with the "purest quality natural gemstones''. For added interest, the jewellery was displayed against clothes by a team of designers from "Barometre".

According to Nalinee, "The Sun Collection" is showcased at exclusive stores such as Contemporary Arts and Crafts in Mumbai and Chennai. She has participated in craft fairs in various countries. To see the designer's work, call Barometre on phone (5113 3478) or contact Meena Hegde (phone: 525 1902).

Yes, we know it is not nice to be told what you've missed out on. But look at it this way: you can now spend all the money you saved, at the "Jewels of India" exhibition to be held at Kanteerava Indoor stadium from September 26 to 29.

Now in its fifth year, the event, co-sponsored by the World Gold Council and supported by the Platinum Gold Council, has Bangalorean Vani Ganapathy as a very visible "endorser" and brand ambassador. If you do not believe us, take a look at the accompanying photograph, or better still, on the way to Cantonment Railway station, check out the hoardings near the railway under-bridge. You will see Vani demurely smiling out of one of them, glitteringly arrayed in gold, gold, and more gold!

But then, "Jewels of India" has always been about the yellow metal. Last year, for example, it had 80 participants from all over the country.

This time too they've roped in some big names too — including Tribhuvandas Bhimji Zaveri from Mumbai; "kundan" and "meenakari" jewellery from Bhuraman Rajmal Surana and family; Jaipur and South Sea Pearls from Star Jewellers; and S. Jitendra's, Mumbai.

By Divya Sreedharan

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