A different face

They say, a man is judged by the company he keeps. Can you judge someone from the songs he sings?

The annual convention of the Cochin Port Staff Association early this week had quite a surprise for music lovers. For those who thought that trade unions only encouraged workers to become more aware of their rights and responsibilities, it was an eye-opener.

As the leaders of the association arrived at the delegates' meet, there was the usual burst of slogans in praise of them. But the icing on the cake was the song sung by a small group of association members. They did a V.D. Rajappan on the old song `Bharatamennal paarin naduvil kevalamorupidi mannalla...''

For those who do not like the Rajappan brand of creativity may have objected to it. But taken in good spirit, it was indeed a demonstration of the fervour with which the CPSA members view their activities. And, judging from the gusto with which the song was sung, the association is set to go places in future.

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