A development handbook

HOW MANY public parks are there in the capital city? When did the City Corporation come into existence? When was the underground sewerage system established in the city? Even old-timers in the city would find themselves struggling to answer such questions. Not surprising, considering that there is very little information on the modern history and evolution of the city.

Citizens would agree that a handbook on the capital city would have been helpful. The development guide of the City Corporation released here early this week is just that.

While the general section in the book deals with basic information like the geographical location, area, population, literacy rate, natural resources, educational institutions and various infrastructural facilities, the sector-wise break up includes the activities taken up by the local body during the previous Plan periods and the general approach to be adopted for future development. An entire section has been devoted to the history and evolution of the city since 1894 when the Town Improvement Committee was established.

The Corporation does not have plans for sale or public distribution of the document. Apart from councillors and media persons, others likely to get a copy are the NGOs devoted to the development of the capital city.

By T. Nandakumar