A bunch of lilting numbers

Sweet melodies which kindle nostalgic memories are timeless. The music maestro, G. Devarajan, is one who has gifted a lot of such songs to the Malayalis. Devarajan's friends and well-wishers celebrated his 75th birthday at the behest of G. Janardhana Kurup, recently in Kochi, by offering a musical tribute.

The highlight of the two-day celebrations was the music concerts of Devarajan's drama and film songs. Young talents, along with noted singers such as Jayachandran and Madhuri rendered some of his best songs. The first edition of the songs was later released and now the second edition of `Devarajan Sangeethotsavam' has also been released.

The drama and film songs are a real treat to the music buffs. It was nearly two decades ago that Devarajan composed the song, `Onnini thiri thazhthi paduka...' by O.N.V. Kurup. The song, rendered by Jayachandran, was a unique experience to the listeners. Devarajan is one person who could read the mind of the poet and he made a tune that captured the mood of the lyrics. As a tribute to Devarajan, when Jayachandran sang the song again, it was well-received by the audience and that is the opening song in the latest edition of drama and light songs.

The same is true of `Mampoo viriyunna ravukalil...' The light song was a rage among youngsters. The song presented by Jayachandran has been included in the album.

While doing Carnatic concerts, Devarajan used to score music to the poems of eminent poets and render them at the concerts. He had also composed the famous love poem of the late G. Kumara Pillai, `Aararo pokuvatharo aaromal painkiliyale...'. Vijesh Gopal who had undergone `gurkula' style of training under Devarajan had presented the song. This is one of the best songs in the collection.

Mr. Janardhana Kurup had an interesting tale to relate about the song. When Mr. Janardhana Kurup first met Devarajan along with Prof. O.N.V. Kurup, he asked Devarjan to sing a song. Though slightly hesitant, he sang `Aararo pokuvatharo...'. Mr. Janardhana Kurup requested him to compose songs for the Kerala People's Arts Club. Little did Mr. Janardhana Kurup knew that the meeting would alter the destiny of Malayalam theatre and film music. Rather that meeting marked the start of the golden era of light music.

The cassette on film songs too have a number of sweet melodies such as `Ramzanile chandrikayo...,' `Manikka veenayumayen...,' `Pralaya payodhiyil...,' `Kodanadan malayile...' and Kalyana sowgandhika...'. Undoubtedly, both albums are a collector's delight.

By Nair N J

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