A brand new Shekhar, serious and topical

Shekhar Suman.

Shekhar Suman.  

SHEKHAR SUMAN may be no self-confessed male chauvinist, but it clearly does not stop him from branding his new small screen avatar - "intelligent, serious and topical" - as a show for men. It may have taken him three years to come up with a show that can test the intelligence of his audience, but having moved on from "Movers and Shakers" on Sony to "Simply Shekhar" in Zee TV last year, the actor is finally ready for a third stint - this time on SAB TV with his new show "Carry on Shekhar".

To be aired four times a week between Monday and Thursday from November 3, his show will fight for attention with the small screen's big family dramas at 10 p.m., but Shekhar is clearly not worried. "I don't think the show is for women since they are still on to the same redundant serials. I think men have got bored of these dramas and want to watch intelligent stuff. It is a serious show presented in a light way," informs the actor.

It may be different from his earlier shows, but Shekhar points out that by far this is closest to what he had in mind. "When you go from one channel to another, things do change. Every channel has its own notion about what it wants the show. As far as Zee was concerned, I think the show was not given a good slot. It was run on three days and it resulted in lack of continuity as most people could not remember the days," points out Shekhar.

The USP of the show, believes Shekhar, will be the fact that the episodes will be shot on the same day as the screening. "Unlike earlier when a show would be shown weeks after it was shot, the new show will talk about the day's topics. It will be racy and wacky, giving the same feeling as reading a newspaper every day. As far as the guests are concerned, the idea is to get people from all walks of life, including the common man" reveals Shekhar.

One of the biggest finds of the Indian TV boom, Shekhar may not enjoy the same status he did a couple of years ago, but the actor insists that it is the television industry that needs a makeover. "The audience is fed up with all the channels showing the same kind of programmes. The reason a serial like "Jassi Jaisi Koi nahin" is doing well is purely because it is different. There has to be some amount of experimentation. Topicality will be the USP of my show. I believe that as an actor I also have some social responsibility and the show is an attempt towards fulfilling that," believes Shekhar.

By Lakshmi Balakrishnan

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