A brain-racking exercise

Hip, hip, hurrah!

Hip, hip, hurrah!  

AS FAR as the student community is concerned, there are two occasions when they rack their brain to the hilt — one at the time of examinations and the other while participating in exciting competitions.

It was the same during `Unique Rotnival 2002', organised recently by the Rotary Club of Sivakasi Central. The two-day event provided enough opportunity to 400-odd participants from various colleges in Virudhunagar and neighbouring districts and the accompanying faculty to know what the actual requirements of the upcoming generation are. These days, youngsters are always after making the most of the opportunities that come their way.

Thanks to the efforts made by the organisers, the 12th inter-college youth carnival had the participants enjoy everything free, from food to accommodation, which were arranged through sponsorship and by the Rotarians themselves. The students had their task cut out. They only had to perform `heart and soul'. The team that excelled in doing it, to bag the winner's cup, was the one from the Sri Kaliswari College, Sivakasi, and the runner's cup was wrested by the Fatima College, Madurai.

Probably, one reason why the festival was unique was because the literary, cultural and art events, numbering 15, were made compulsory for all teams as a pre-requisite to snatching the overall cup.

The winning teams had to sweat it out in folk dance, cross numbers, crayon sketching, skit, `what's the good word', `trace the personality', `dance to our tune', short stories, bottle decoration, quiz, rangoli with flowers, paper art, `thread your way', turncoat and fashion parade.

The District Governor, V. Ravindranath, District 3000, and the Inner Wheel Chairman District 321, Savithri Vidyasagar, launched the event through their motivational talks. From then on till the end, it was over to the students.

By Krishnamoorthy R.

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