3D and the magic touch

SON OF Alladin, Pentamedia's 3D animated film, hitting the halls in the city soon, is not exactly India's answer to `Shrek'. In fact, even a mere comparison will be unfair, the producers say.

As music director of the movie, Pravin Mani puts it: "Shrek was done with millions and millions of dollars, over a period of 3-4 years. `Son of Alladin' is just a part of the learning curve, a project developed by our talented animators with limited resources".

The film that opened with a humble 45 prints in the US will soon release in Canada and Europe too.

At 72, Veteran director Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, found his directorial debut in 3D animation exciting. "I find no difference between directing live action films and animation films. For live action films, I have sets constructed; I have the cameraman set up the camera with the required lighting... In animation, we do the same thing on the computer. In fact, for a live motion picture, if we can put up a 40 feet tall set, in animation, it's possible to do 400 feet also. That sort of spectacle is possible," he says excitedly.

Directing the `actors' however, was a challenge. "That responsibility is taken by animators here. There (in live films), I am dependent on the actors; here I am dependent on the animator's capacity," explains the director.

The West has not exploited the real possibilities of animation, he believes. "We are rich in mythology, we are the richest in imagination. Imagine something like the `Vishwaroopa', the possibilities with our mythologicals. I would love to experiment with 3D and live action films. That is the future," says the director who "at 72" thinks "like 21".

The director who gave the country films like `Pushpak', `Michael Madana Kama Rajan', `Apoorva Sahodarargal' and `Aditya 369', incidentally, has in the pipeline another Telugu science fiction film with Balakrishna and another project called `Traffic Jam'— a movie "set in a traffic jam over a few hours".

Sudhish Kamath

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