10 D strikes it just right

CHAMPAGNE `N' confetti. And lotsa carnations flooding the place. Surely, it was celebration time at one of the most popular addresses in Hyderabad - 10 Downing Street. Or is it 10, Queen's Street. It's located at Begumpet, you see!

Banter apart, the place in its second avatar had every reason to celebrate its invincible presence in the city as it turned one on November 5. And going with the name of the place, 10 days of unbridled entertainment was unspooled and the celebrations turned uproarious as the D-Day neared.

A Goan carnival, two casino nights of roulette and blackjack, a Diwali night that was bright as the blue sky, rock music and a dazzling fashion show later, the celebrations reached a crescendo with a cracker of an evening. Tuning the evening to perfection was the entire 10 Downing Street team led by the affable Vinod Reddy himself. And of course, there was DJ Ivan from Bangalore spinning the discs and belting out the music of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

Amidst smiles and warm hugs and the fragrance of fresh flowers, thanks to the bouquets that poured in, partners, Vinod and Nagesh Reddy, the amiable event manager of the place, Shiva, the genial manager, Ryan and good ole Raj played the perfect hosts ensuring that everything was in place.

The glitterati was present in full strength. So were the City deejays (wonder who played music at their work places that night). Amid Madonna, Wham, Elvis Presley, Bill Joel and the like, the dance floor came alive and even the normally trance music entranced teenyboppers joined and let their hair down. There was more reason to celebrate with one of the partners of the place, G.V. Ramana being blessed with a son! With gifts galore, several people tottered towards the door lugging huge colourful packs.

In an emotional thanksgiving, Reddy thanked everyone for their support and as the evening began to melt the good old place continued to do what it is known for - giving people a very good time.

By Madhav K.V.S.

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