Video shows Saddam's interrogation

BAGHDAD: The Iraqi Special Tribunal [IST] that will put Saddam Hussein on trial released a new video on Monday of the former President and four of his officials being questioned by investigating magistrates.

The video showed a bearded Mr. Hussein wearing a dark-coloured jacket and white open-collared shirt being questioned by chief trial judge Raid Juhi. It was unclear when the video was made and Mr. Hussein's chief lawyer, Khalil al-Duleimi, said he would have to see it before commenting. The IST said he was present during the questioning.

An announcement that accompanied the tape said Mr. Hussein was being questioned about crimes related to the execution of at least 50 Iraqis in 1982 in the Shia town of Dujail, 80 km north of Baghdad, in retaliation for a failed assassination attempt against him.

The other four men were identified as Hussein Rashid Mohammed, a former Republican Guard General, and Taher Tawfiq al-Ani, a senior Ba'ath party official and adviser on Kurdish affairs.

They were questioned concerning the 1987-88 Anfal campaign, a depopulation plan in which hundreds of thousands of Kurds were killed or expelled from northern Iraq.

The first of other two was Barzan Abd al-Ghafur Sulayman Majid al-Tikriti, a special Republican Guard commander and Mr. Hussein's cousin who was captured on July 23, 2003.

He was number 11 of the American list of most wanted Iraqis.

— AP

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