Threat to sue Major

LONDON: In a new turn to the controversy over the former British Prime Minister, John Major's secret liaison with a junior minister Edwina Currie, the New Statesman has threatened to sue him to recover the costs of a libel case which he had brought against it over its allegations of adultery against him in 1993. The magazine, which had alleged that he was having an affair with a Downing Street caterer, went nearly bankrupt after an out-of-court settlement which included paying legal costs to Mr. Major and the caterer, Claire Latimer, who now claims that she had been persuaded by the former Prime Minister to go to the court in a bid to distract attention from the Edwina affair. Another magazine Scallywag, which had to pay for making the same allegation, has since closed down. The allegation about the Major-Latimer affair proved wrong, but according to New Statesman the fact that he had now admitted to an adulterous relationship with Ms. Currie vindicated its case that he had indeed committed adultery. The row follows Ms Currie's revelations that she had an affair Mr Major while the two were ministers in the Thatcher government. She ended the four-year relationship in 1988, two years before he replaced Mrs Margaret Thatcher as prime minister. The disclosures have dominated the media this week amid widespread criticism of Ms Currie for "raking up muck''.

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