Taslima faces defamation suit

DHAKA NOV. 10. After several years of self-exile, the controversial feminist writer, Taslima Nasrin, has hit the media headlines again in Bangaldesh.

The well-known poet and novelist, Syed Shamsul Haque, has filed a defamation case against Ms Nasrin after she alleged in her latest book `KA', (a letter of the Bengali alphabet) that some noted litterateurs of the country, including Mr. Haque, had had sexual relations with her.

The book reportedly registered brisk sales, mainly because of its vivid description of her private life.

Mr. Haque filed a suit in a Dhaka court on Sunday against seven persons, including Ms. Nasrin, for `defaming' him in the book.

Mr. Haque, who defended Ms. Nasrin when she was under attack by fundamentalists, sought a compensation of taka 10 crores and a ban on the book's further sale.

Ms. Nasrin, now in self-exile in Europe, has described her "secret, amorous relations" with many noted writers of Bangladesh and West Bengal in India.

Terming the allegations `false' and `fabricated', Mr. Haque (70), appealed to the court for seizure of all copies of the book and measures to halt its sale.

Many other writers, who were also named by Ms. Nasrin in her book as having had sexual relations with her, are also planning to file defamation suits.

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