Saddam must cooperate: Putin

Moscow Jan. 28. While stressing on the continuation of diplomatic efforts to resolve Iraq issue, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, today for the first time warned Baghdad that Moscow could toughen its stance against Iraq if it did not improve cooperation with the UN disarmament mission.

``The international weapons inspectors don't say that they are facing complications or problems in their work in Iraq. If it is so, the inspectors should be given opportunity to continue work in Iraq,'' Mr. Putin was quoted as saying.

``By the way, Moscow can change its stand and agree with the U.S. on evolving other UNSC actions, tougher ones, if Iraq would create problems for the work of weapons inspectors,'' Mr. Putin said in neighbouring Ukraine's Kiev University today. He, however, underscored the need to resolve all disputes on the basis of international law and U.N. decisions were more important then Iraq as such. — PTI

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