Russia happy with Iraq resolution

MOSCOW MAY 22. The new U.N. resolution on Iraq "fully meets Russia's interests,'' a senior Kremlin aide said today. The U.S.-drafted resolution, modified to accommodate the demands of Russia, France and Germany, "lays adequate conditions for guaranteeing Russia's interests in a long-term perspective,'' said Mr. Sergei Prikhodko, foreign policy aide to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Speaking to journalists hours before the resolution was put to the vote in the U.N. Security Council, Mr. Prikhodko stressed that the document "does not in any way give legitimacy to the unilateral use of force, but on the contrary draws the line to the attempts to resolve the Iraqi problem bypassing the U.N. Charter.''

With the approval of the resolution "the Iraqi issue is returned to the U.N. legal framework under the control of the Security Council,'' the Kremlin official said.

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