"Gerry Adams detained at U.S. airport"

New York: Gerry Adams, leader of the IRA-allied Sein Fein party in Northern Ireland, was detained at a Washington airport after attending a St. Patrick's Day event at the White House, according to a Congressman.

Congressman Brian Higgins, a New York Democrat who had invited Mr. Adams to speak at the Buffalo Irish Centre, told the audience on Friday night that Mr. Adams did not make it to Buffalo in time because he was detained at Reagan National Airport. A spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration said she could not confirm that Mr. Adams was detained at the airport.

Jennifer Peppin said the TSA log showed no record of Mr. Adams being detained or subjected to secondary screening. However, Higgins' chief of staff Chuck Eaton later said that Mr. Adams was at Washington's other airport, Dulles International. TSA officials were unavailable for comment.

A Homeland Security official said Mr. Adams had left the Washington area, but he would give no further details. AP