Prince may incur activists' wrath

LONDON: Prince William has demonstrated the British royal family's traditional fondness for blood sports by spearing to death a tiny antelope while on holiday in Kenya, it was reported on Sunday. The young prince faces criticism from anti-hunting groups after he took lessons from a member of the local Masai tribe and killed a 36-cm dik-dik, the Mail on Sunday said. The Prince, second in line to the throne after his father Prince Charles, is also a keen hunter of foxes, a controversial pursuit which the British government is committed to outlawing. According to the Mail on Sunday, William was keen to learn how to throw the seven-foot (2.10-metre) wooden hunting spear used by the Masai while on holiday with friends in Kenya. After some tuition, he speared a dik-dik — a breed of small antelope which lives in east and northeast Africa — at a first attempt, a member of the Masai told the newspaper. A series of animal rights groups have criticised William for his holiday activity, the report added.