Pakistan voices China's concerns

No relationship between two sovereign states is as unique as that between Pakistan and China,” Masood Khan, Pakistan's Ambassador to China was quoted as saying in Beijing earlier this week. And, on Thursday, this unique relationship manifested itself in the form of two press releases issued by the Chinese government finding their way onto Pakistan's Press Information Department (PID) website.

One of the two press releases, interestingly enough, pertained to the U.S. reconnaissance missions against China undermining mutual trust. Datelined Islamabad, the release quotes a press statement received from Beijing and demands that the U.S. respect China's sovereignty; an issue Pakistan identifies with strongly given the controversies that have plagued Islamabad's relationship with Washington this year.

Media cooperation

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting officials said the press releases had been posted as part of a Memorandum of Understanding signed on media cooperation.

The two countries are celebrating 60 years of diplomatic relations and Pakistan has always acknowledged China's role in building the country's civil and military infrastructure.

Since the Pakistani ports of Karachi, Qasim and Gwadar are nearer to the western regions of China than Shanghai and Hong Kong, Islamabad hopes to make Pakistan a channel for energy supplies from the Gulf to China.

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