Pakistan sticks to stand

Nirupama Subramanian

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan said on Wednesday that its position on Kashmir remained unchanged.

Following critical reactions at home to President Pervez Musharraf's remarks on NDTV that Pakistan would give up its claim on Kashmir provided India did the same, the Foreign Ministry said the President was "arguing for flexibility on both sides" for a negotiated settlement to the Kashmir dispute.

"Essentially, what he said was that Pakistan was ready to show flexibility provided India did the same. It was only through reciprocal flexibility that a negotiated settlement, acceptable to all sides, was possible. The headlines in the media have been misleading. There is no change in Pakistan's position on Kashmir," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

In the NDTV interview, the President had "again referred to ideas that have been discussed in the past and which have found resonance and evoked keen interest among Kashmiris."