Pakistan monitoring e-mails

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has admitted that log-files of the country's seven million e-mail users' Internet activity were kept for a period of one month for security reasons. In other words, the Government can look into any of the e-mails generated in the country. Though it is done in the name of checking cyber crimes, all e-mails are subject to Government scrutiny. The Government's admission came in response to a question of Member of the National Assembly, Muhammad Pervez Malik. Mr. Malik had asked if the approval of the Cabinet had been obtained before starting the process of e-mail scanning. In its response, the Government said that the Cabinet's approval for any such process had not been sought by any organisation. However, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had asked all Internet Service Providers to maintain record [log files] of their customers for a period of one month to help trace cyber crime culprits if required in any investigation under the law.

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