No terrorist hand seen in Yale blast

Washington May 22. A explosive device went off at the Yale University Law School on Wednesday evening that sent debris flying but left no one injured. The damage to the building is also said to be minor.

Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Connecticut are saying that there are no initial indications of the involvement of foreign terrorist organisations and there were no prior threats.

"We have not received any threats prior to the incident today, and we've received no claims of responsibility'', a special agent of the FBI has been quoted. Local police authorities are treating the explosion as a criminal matter and nothing has been ruled out.

Reports from New Haven speak of the damage being limited to the classroom ceiling and a partition. There were no students in the classroom at the time of the blast, although there were some in the building.

They have been called in for questioning by the FBI. University authorities have shut down the law school on Thursday and Friday and Commencement exercises scheduled for next Monday will probably be moved to another building it is said.

The explosion at the Yale law school comes at a time when the administration has decided to raise the terror alert level up one notch.

Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies are on a heightened state of watch. The incident in New Haven happened several hours after the U.S. President, George W Bush, spoke at a Coast Guard Academy in New London,some 80 km east of New Haven.

Mr. Bush went to school at Yale University; and one of his daughters is currently finishing her third year of undergraduate studies there.

The Secret Service has said that the younger Bush was "not in danger at any time'' nor was she in the vicinity of the blast.

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