No automatic use of force: Russia

MOSCOW NOV. 9. Russia insisted the new U.N. Resolution on Iraq gave the U.S. no license for military action against Baghdad should it obstruct international weapons inspections. ``There is no measure allowing the automatic use of force in the adopted resolution,'' the Russian Foreign Ministry said, citing the clause which calls for the Security Council to meet again to assess any serious violation before further action is taken.

"The final decision rests with this apex body for international peace and security.'' Moscow hailed the resolution as a victory for itself and other Security Council members who opposed automatic use of force against Iraq. ``As a result of intensive efforts by Russia, France and China, backed by other U.N. Security Council members, it was possible to secure substantial changes in the original draft, removing formulations unacceptable to us,'' the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued hours after the Security Council unanimously approved the U.S.-drafted resolution.

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