Memorial for Queen Mother

London: The British Finance Minister, Gordon Brown, sounded almost sentimental on Wednesday when he announced a memorial to the Queen Mother would be erected in central London. Shrugging off his last foray into royal projects — he chaired the committee that eventually produced the Diana memorial fountain, London's most upmarket swamp — Mr. Brown announced the new memorial would be built in The Mall — the thoroughfare running straight from Trafalgar Square to the Buckingham Palace in the heart of the British capital. ``It is right to honour the life and service of the Queen Mother,'' Mr. Brown said on Wednesday. Like any canny Finance Minister, he has already secured the funds to pay for it. Mr. Brown has the Queen's approval to use the proceeds from a coin minted to celebrate her 80th birthday on April 21 2006 to pay for the monument. But the details of what will be built appeared sketchy on Wednesday. ``There will be a memorial,'' said a spokesman for the department of culture, media and sport.

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