Israeli planes raid Lebanon village

BEIRUT AUG. 10. Israeli warplanes today raided the outskirts of a south Lebanon border village after an anti-aircraft shell fired by Lebanese guerilla group Hezbollah killed one person in Israel, sources said.

"Zionist planes attacked the outskirts of the village of Tair Harfa in south Lebanon," al-Manar television said in a news flash. The station later reported a second strike in the nearby Tellat al-Kharba area.

Witnesses said they heard the sound of several explosions in the area. They said Israeli planes and helicopters had been flying over south Lebanon all morning and continued their overflights into Lebanese territory after the airstrikes.

The death was the first in northern Israel by Hezbollah fire since Israeli forces withdrew from south Lebanon in 2000 after a 22-year occupation.

Meanwhile, the Hezbollah's spokesman in southern Lebanon said the "attacks on Shebaa" in southern Lebanon against posts of Israeli troops "will not stop".

"The latest attack on Shebaa will not be the last," said Sheikh Nabil Kawook.

On August 8, Hezbollah guerillas attacked Israeli posts in the disputed area of Shebaa farms, which is still occupied by Israel. The attacks caused no casualties among the Israelis.

Lebanon says Shebaa is Lebanese, while Israel contests this saying Shebaa was captured by the Jewish State from Syria in the 1967 West Asia war and that its fate should be discussed in future peace talks with Damascus.

Kawook stressed that after the car explosion in Beirut's southern suburbs which killed Hezbollah member Ali Hussein Saleh ``the situation has changed and that Israel will bear the consequences.''

Saleh, a Hezbollah security member was killed 10 days ago in a car bomb explosion in Beirut's southern suburbs, where most Hezbollah leaders reside.

Hizbollah has accused Israel of being behind the attack and warned that the car bomb explosion ``will not pass unpunished.'' The explosion came a few days after the Hezbollah chief, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, threatened to kidnap more Israelis to secure the release of 16 Lebanese prisoners still held in Israeli jails.

Reuters, DPA