‘India couldn’t send observers’

India was unable to send top-level election officials to observe Sunday’s polling in Venezuela because of Karnataka election, a diplomatic source informed.

“Venezuela had requested the Election Commission of India to send a high-level team as part of the international observers for Sunday’s polling. But the election body informed that the dates of the election in Caracas would coincide with the Karnataka election process and therefore expressed inability to send a high-level representative or a team,” said the diplomatic source.

Maduro’s call

President Nicolas Maduro in February called for international observers from all over the world including from the European Union (EU) and the Organisation of American States (OAS).

Previously, these two regional bodies were barred from Venezuelan polls due to allegations of one-sided reports.

Venezuela reportedly insisted on official representatives especially from the Election Commission.

“The request was made for official representatives and not civil society members keeping in mind the technical expertise of Indian election officials,” said the diplomat.

China is among of the several countries that have sent observers for the election.

Polling for Venezuelan citizens in India was held in the Embassy of the country here on Sunday.

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