Denis Thatcher is dead

London: Sir Denis Thatcher, husband of the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, died at a West London Hospital here on Thursday. He was 88. His family were at his bedside when he died. Sir Denis underwent a heart bypass operation five months ago, which was a complete success. He was admitted to Lister Hospital earlier this month after detection of fluid in his lungs. Sir Denis, a millionaire businessman before his wife became Prime Minister, was described by Lady Thatcher as the ``golden thread'' running through her life and often said that she could not have achieved what she did without his loyalty, love and support. The couple were married for 52 years. Sir Denis remained constantly at his wife's side, always protective and thoughtful, when she was Prime Minister. He met 25-year-old Margaret Roberts at a Conservative Party function in 1950. They were married a year later and their twins Mark and Carol were born in 1953. — PTI

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