China to produce bird flu vaccine

BEIJING: Beijing based vaccine producer Sinovac Biotech, first in the world to develop SARS vaccine, has said it has made preparations to produce human-use bird flu vaccine in mass quantity.

Sinovac has installed a special production line for the purpose, said an official of the company, which is working with the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention on the project.

``We have applied for human clinical trials for the vaccine with the Chinese State Food and Drug Administration and the vaccine can be put into production once the clinical trials complete,'' said the official, adding the price of the vaccine could be lower than the commonly used flu vaccines.

Chinese scientists have developed a bird flue vaccine for human use and will carry out clinical tests in days.

``Tests show that the vaccine is highly safe,'' said the official.

Founded in 2001, Sinovac, known in China as Beijing Kexing Bioproducts Limited Company, focuses on manufacturing and marketing human-use vaccinesand related products for infectious diseasessuch as Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. — Xinhua