Cheney defends posts for Bush loyalists

Washington, March 24. The U.S. Vice-President, Dick Cheney, has defended some of the recent appointments in the Bush second term saying the elevation of loyalists to diplomatic posts would only strengthen American position aimed at forcing changes, for instance, at world bodies such as the United Nations.

In the recent past, the U.S. President, George W. Bush, has attracted criticism on his choice of personnel at crucial positions. The two appointments that have attracted attention are that of John Bolton as American Ambassador to the U.N.; and that of Pentagon number two, Paul Wolfowitz, to head the World Bank.

And many believe that the State Department has been considerably strengthened with the moving of two major Bush loyalists to Foggy Bottom — Condoleezza Rice and Karen Hughes.

Mr. Cheney, who was seen as being quite instrumental in moving Mr. Bolton to the U.N., was pointed in his talk about the world body.

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