Call for return to monarchy in Afghanistan

KABUL AUG. 10. Supporters of the former Afghan king, Mohammad Zaher Shah, have formed a new political movement in Afghanistan, calling for a return to constitutional monarchy in this war-ravaged country, officials said on Sunday.

About 1,900 people gathered in Kabul on Saturday to inaugurate the National Unity Movement, led by Mr. Shah's cousin, Sultan Mahmoud Ghazi, said Azizullah Wasefi, the movement's deputy. Mr. Shah(88) returned from France where he had gone for medical treatment.

Mr. Shah is not part of the movement, Mr. Wasefi said. "The king is not with us, but we are with the king," he said. "It's not good for the father of a nation to join a particular party or movement."

Whether Afghanistan will be governed by a presidential or parliamentary system — or a monarchy — will be decided at a loya jirga, or grand council, in October that will debate and approve a final draft of Afghanistan's new constitution.