Blasts in seven Spanish cities

MADRID: Small bombs exploded on Monday in seven cities across Spain, lightly injuring several people, after telephone warnings from the armed Basque separatist group ETA, the Interior Ministry said. With security forces on high alert over a public holiday marking the anniversary of the Spanish constitution, bombs detonated in the cities of Valladolid, Leon and Santillana del Mar in the north, Avila and Ciudad Real in central Spain, Alicante in the east and Malaga in the south, the Ministry said. One person was lightly hurt in Ciudad Real, and there were reports of several people with eardrum injuries in Santillana del Mar the Ministry said. There, the bomb went off in the centre of town, not the parking lot mentioned in the warning call. On Friday, five small explosions rattled Madrid gas stations along highways packed with people heading out of town for the long weekend. Damage was minor, and two policemen were lightly hurt. — AP

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