‘Ban Trump’ petition gets huge support in U.K.

Republican candidate Donald Trump’s view that Muslims be disallowed from entering the U.S., followed the next day by his statement that parts of London are so radicalised that “police are afraid for their own their lives”, received widespread condemnation in the U.K., with voices from most political parties and the larger public calling for a ban on his entry to the U.K.

A petition launched on the Parliament website by Suzanne Kelly, a campaigner against Mr. Trump’s golf course development in Scotland, calling for Mr. Trump to be barred from the U.K. on grounds that he promotes hate speech, has gained 116,122 signatures in a matter of hours. The subject matter of any petition that crosses 100,000 must be debated in Parliament. His “continued, unrepentant hate speech and unacceptable behaviour” is strong reason for a ban, BBC reported Ms. Kelly as saying.

British Prime Minister David Cameron broke with the practice of not commenting on the candidates or the electoral process in foreign countries by describing Mr. Trump’s statements as “divisive, unhelpful and quite simply wrong”.

Mr. Trump was criticised by London Mayor Boris Johnson who said his comments were “ill-informed, and complete and utter nonsense”.

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