Abandon n-weapons, end wars, says Pope

Pope Francis leads a multi-religion ceremony inside the 9/11 Museum in New York on Friday.— Photo: Ap

Pope Francis leads a multi-religion ceremony inside the 9/11 Museum in New York on Friday.— Photo: Ap  

In his inaugural address at the UN General Assembly session to adopt the 2030 global development agenda here, Pope Francis urged world leaders to abandon nuclear weapons and end wars.

“War is the negation of all rights,” he said and called for putting an end to the denial of basic human rights to innumerable people the world over due to wars between nations and people. On Friday, 193 member countries of the UNGA assembled to adopt the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Given the completion of 70 years of the United Nations in the current session and 15 years of implementing the Millennium Development Goals, the juridical framework for peace and development was already in place, which had to be now implemented, he said. However, the ineffectiveness of the chart of enforcement was evident with ulterior motives serving as a reference point to justice, with law being used when favourable, he pointed out.

Setting global frameworks for justice but denying them in practice should not be the case, he said, and emphasised that the continuation of the use of weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear weapons, was an affront to the framework of the United Nations.

This is the fifth time that the Pope of the Catholic Church is visiting the U.S., which earlier visits in 1965, 1975, 1995 and 2008, with Pope Benedict XVI visiting last. Pope Francis said that he was keen to continue the tradition of the Catholic Church of advocating governments to uphold the greater common good.

‘Exploitative practices’

Technological capabilities and ideas of assimilation had resulted in the current world situation where mankind is not able to survive the unchecked use of earth’s resources.

Deriving from its 70 years of experience in global reform, the UN must address the need for greater equity with executive capabilities of the Security Council being employed to check financial agencies created to deal with the economic crisis, he said.

Warning international financial agencies from indulging in oppressive lending systems, he said such exploitative practices are far from promoting growth and only subject people to greater poverty, exploitation and debt dependence.

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