UN calls for urgent meet over North Korea’s ballistic missile test

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Monday condemned North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test and called for a united international response to the “further troubling violation” of UN resolutions.

His statement came ahead of an urgent UN Security Council meeting called to discuss Sunday’s missile test — nuclear-armed North Korea’s first since U.S. President Donald Trump assumed office.

The North’s leader Kim Jong-Un “expressed great satisfaction over the possession of another powerful nuclear attack means which adds to the tremendous might of the country”, state news agency KCNA said on Monday.

Russia, China condemn it

Mr. Guterres appealed “to the international community to continue to address this situation in a united manner”, in an apparent reference to the United States and China, Pyongyang’s ally.

Permanent UN Security Council members China and Russia joined a chorus of international criticism of the launch near the western city of Kusong. The council was to meet around 2200 GMT on Monday following a request by the United States, Japan and South Korea.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said it opposes North Korean missile launches that violate UN resolutions.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry called the launch “a demonstration of contempt for UN Security Council resolutions”. — AFP

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