U.K. media lauds Congress

Hasan Suroor

LONDON: The humiliation of the BJP and the regional parties in the general elections has been described by British commentators as a rejection of “sectarian Hindu revivalism” and “caste-based populism”— as The Financial Times put it — and a vote for a secular and stable India.

The Congress, normally sneered at for its dynastic and anti-democratic instincts, is seen as the only party capable of holding India together and giving it political and economic stability. “Congress brought India to Independence. It now has a chance to give it the firm government needed for global responsibility,” said The Times in an editorial headed “Conquering Congress.” Even more remarkable has been the praise heaped on members of the Nehru-Gandhi “dynasty” once condemned as the “scourge” of Indian democracy. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have been singled out as stars of the election campaign and credited with the party’s revival in the north.

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