Sri Lanka: Prabakaran was a megalomaniac

B. Muralidhar Reddy

His vicious cycle of violence began on July 27, 1975: Defence Ministry

“He was indicted for over 75 serious crimes”

COLOMBO: A dossier put out by the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry described the late LTTE chief, Velupillai Prabakaran, as a megalomaniac who sustained his bloodbaths after founding his organisation in May 1975, infusing eternal agony and fear psychosis into the masses.

“His vicious cycle of violence commenced on July 27, 1975 after butchering Jaffna Mayor Alfred Duraiappah in a shoot-out. As the brainchild behind all those atrocities, he engineered the assassination of a Sri Lankan President, an Indian Prime Minister, a host of Ministers, Buddhist monks, Hindu, Catholic and Muslim priests, Chiefs of the Armed Forces and the police, thousands of innocent villagers and almost anybody who does not tread his line. Bomb explosions, massacres, bloodbaths and heinous crimes against humanity were his bread and butter and part of the daily agenda,” it said.

It further said that he was responsible for the spate of illegal international and local rackets such as smuggling of weapons and men, money laundering, extortions, bank robberies, ransom taking, tax collections, thefts of vehicles and almost all criminal activities. “Prabakaran, while nursing and caring for his two children — Charles Anthony and Duwarah — and his wife Madivadani, recruited thousands of Tamil minors for weapon training and terrorist activities, despite protests from parents and adults. He even defied international pressure while leading a luxurious life away from others and maintained more than four security layers and protective rings.”

The dossier said that as a founder-member of the LTTE, he stretched his dictatorship over his own comrades and went to the extent of decimating all those who he felt were a threat to him. Mahattaya was one of Prabakaran’s well-known victims.

“Most wanted by Indian police as well as by Interpol, this terrorist leader has been put on Red Alert Most Wanted Notice at international level. He has been indicted for more than 75 serious crimes in Sri Lanka including assassination of President Premadasa and hundreds of civilians, bomb explosions and other heinous crimes.”

The dossier said the LTTE targeted not only the Sinhalese but also the lives of respected Tamil intellectuals, politicians, democrats, artists, civilians and anti-LTTE men and women. The former Foreign Minister, Lakshman Kadirgamar, Neelan Thiruchelvam, Sam Thambimuttu and a host of others. Minister Douglas Devananda and moderate TULF leader Mr. Anandasangaree escaped LTTE death squads several times.

“In addition, many national leaders were the preys of Prabakaran right throughout. The list included the former Defence Minister, Ranjan Wijerathna, Ministers Gamini Dissanayake and Lalith Athulathmudali.”

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