Secret passage of LTTE hit: Colombo

B. Muralidhar Reddy

LTTE political, police hq complex also hit

LTTE acknowledges the attacks

COLOMBO: Aiming at a series of “high profile LTTE targets” in the Kilinochchi district in the north, the Air Force on Friday claimed to have hit a secret passage of the Tiger outfit intelligence wing leader, Pottu Amman and the LTTE political and police headquarters complex.

LTTE acknowledged the attacks on its political and police headquarters. Bit it said only two “civilians” were injured in the attack. The pro-LTTE TamilNet in a report on other air attacks claimed that “multiple air attacks target civil infrastructure” in Kilinochchi. Neither LTTE nor TamilNet talked about presence of any of the senior LTTE leaders at the sites of attacks.

The Air Force said jets carried out “air sorties targeting a secret passage of the LTTE’s intelligence wing leader Pottu Amman located in the Kilinochchi area this afternoon”.

The well-identified passage, used as terror intelligence headquarter in Kilinochchi, was located in general area Kanagapuram, 4 km west of Kilinochchi town, said Air Force spokesperson Janaka Nanayakkara.

“The target was precisely taken by the Air Force fighters, based on real-time information gathered through continuous ground and air surveillances.”

He said two successive air strikes engaged the main office complex of high-profile LTTE leader Nadesan, located in the Kilinochchi town perimeter.

The main office complex of Mr. Nadesan was located at 500 metre West of Triarukulam, said the spokesperson. His predecessor Thamilchelvan was killed in an air raid in November last year.

Meanwhile, the UN affiliated news agency, IRIN, in a report said the first supply convoy since the relocation of all UN relief agencies and other humanitarian organisations out of the Wanni region in north-central Sri Lanka reached the area controlled by the LTTE.

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