Pakistan's inaction froze ties with India: U.S.

Pakistan's lacklustre approach to bring to justice the 26/11 perpetrators has basically frozen Indo-Pak peace talks, said an official U.S. report on Thursday, which also warned that the Lashkar-e-Taiba remained a serious threat to Western interests.

U.S. State Department's annual “Country Reports on Terrorism for the year 2009 said Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and northwest continued to be a “safe haven” for Al-Qaeda and Afghan insurgents.

“In response to allegations of involvement by LeT in the Mumbai attacks, Pakistani officials cracked down on an LeT camp in Muzzafarabad and arrested or detained more than 50 LeT or JUD leaders in Punjab and elsewhere in Pakistan, but it subsequently released many of them. LeT remained a serious threat to Western interests.”

“Pakistani officials pledged to prosecute all individuals in Pakistan found to be involved in the Mumbai attacks and offered to share intelligence regarding the attacks with the Government of India. At year's end, however, peace talks between Pakistan and India remained frozen amid Indian allegations that Pakistan was not doing enough to bring the terrorists to justice.” The State Department said foreign terrorist organisations, continued to operate and carry out attacks in Pakistan. — PTI

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