Pakistan gets 25 choppers from U.S.

Nirupama Subramanian

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan took ownership of 25 Bell 412 helicopters on Monday as part of the U.S.-provided assistance in the “war against terror”.

Transferring the helicopters to the Army at a ceremony, U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson said the event demonstrated the continued commitment of her country to co-operation with Pakistan.

“Our military assistance programmes are for the long term. They are the foundation for cooperation and engagement, and a way to strengthen our bonds as partners and allies,” Ms. Patterson said.

She said the co-operation was represented by more than $5-billions from the U.S. to Pakistan in military assistance in the last six years.

Earlier, Pakistan leased the helicopters while the U.S. provided training and assistance to help establish the fleet. Dawn Television reported that Pakistan had also received four refurbished Cobra helicopters along with the Bell 412s.

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