MP killed in Beirut blast

BEIRUT: An explosion, apparently from a bomb-rigged car, rocked Beirut's seafront on Wednesday, killing an anti-Syrian lawmaker and three others, a TV station aligned with anti-Syrian parties reported.

Future TV said lawmaker Walid Eido, his son and two bodyguards were killed. Security officials had reported that the explosion killed four persons and wounded 10 others.

A car was in flames and black smoke was seen rising from a narrow street off the main waterfront in Manara, which is in the Muslim sector of the capital. The Lebanese Broadcasting Corp. TV station said the explosion came from a bomb-rigged car, a method that has been used to assassinate opponents of Syria over the past two years.

The body of woman, covered in blood, was seen being pulled away from the seen by local residents. She was screaming in agony. Another man was being carried away as police sealed off the area. AP

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