Koirala advised against resigning

Prerana Marasini

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala on Sunday consulted legal experts to discuss the procedure to tender his resignation.

However, the lawyers said there was no need for him to resign now. Lawyer Harihar Dahal said his resignation would create a power vacuum. Even if Mr. Koirala resigned, he would continue to function as acting Prime Minister, as the country does not have a head of state, said Mr. Dahal.

Mr. Dahal said Mr. Koirala wanted to resign as per constitution. As per the interim Constitution, the incumbent Prime Minister can submit the resignation only to the President, whom the country is yet to elect. Meanwhile, the Maoists said the Prime Minister could resign “politically” now and “constitutionally” after the government is formed.

Transportation strike

The government’s decision to increase transportation fare by 25 per cent has been opposed by transport operators and students’ unions. While transport operators said the fare hike was insufficient, the students said it was too high. Seven students’ unions have decided to hold more protest from Monday.

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