Impasse over Madhes ends

Prerana Marasini

KATHMANDU: To address the demands of Madhes-based parties, the Council ofMinisters on Tuesday approved the draft Constitution Amendment Bill proposedby the Seven Party Alliance.According to the proposed amendment, "Nepal will be a federal democraticRepublic, considering the desire of Madhesis and various other ethnic,indigenous, and backward communities to establish autonomous province."To address the Madhes-based parties' demand to recruit Madhesis and variousother backward communities into the Army, the Bill states: "Nepal Army wouldbe made inclusive where Madhesis, ethnic and indigenous communities, Dalits,women, and other backward communities would be recruited on the basis ofequality and inclusiveness."CPN (Maoist) chairman Prachanda said: "It will not just resume theConstituent Assembly, but also open the door to form a new government." TheBill was registered at the Cabinet Secretariat's office on Tuesday evening.The Madhes-based parties had been obstructing CA meetings since June 26.
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