China to test A320 in May

TIANJIN: The first Airbus A320 assembled in China is scheduled to make a testflight in May, about a month before its delivery, said an official in the northern port city Tianjin on Sunday.

The test would be held at Tianjin Airport, where a new runway was being built to facilitate trial flights of all A320 family aircraft, said an official. Five planes are being assembled at the Tianjin final assembly line, the first Airbus production facility outside Europe.

Mr. Feng said major parts of the aircraft had been put together in Hamburg, Germany, before being transported to Tianjin for final assembly.

“Another 12 China-assembled A320 will be delivered next year,” he said. “They will adopt Chinese-made parts, including wings and fuselage, and assembly of the major parts will also be done here in Tianjin.” The assembly line in Tianjin was launched in September as Airbus’ third general assembly line. — Xinhua

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